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In less than two weeks, the day U.S. residents have all been waiting for will have finally come: November 8th, which marks the end of the presidential election season. After months of contentious debates, scandalous discoveries, and Janet Jackson-themed T-shirts, soon it will be all over.

And for those Americans who are worn out from nearly a year of screaming at their televisions, it’s time to relax and get out of town. 

Calming Spa Trip

A spa vacation—or even just a trip to a day spa—is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a draining election season. Visitors can indulge in head-to-toe healing treatments and leave feeling refreshed. Some hotels and resorts have even created packages to cater to the election stress.

The Coronado Island Resort & Spa Marriott in Coronado, California has been promoting its products as a way to de-stress. Sanctuary Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, and Rancho La Puerto, in Baja California, Mexico are just a few options to stressed-out voters looking for a way to unwind.

Fall Foliage Peeping

Breathe in the crisp fall air, see the fiery hues of New England’s peak foliage, and attempt to forget this arduous election season (spoiler: you never will). While Vermont and other New England destinations are safe options, this interactive map can tell leaf-peepers exactly where and when to go for the best foliage.


Election Stress - Vacation Ideas

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Brewery Tourism

With pumpkin ales and other seasonal brews on the menu, a visit to a local brewery can satisfy both beer purists and experimenters alike. Three of the best cities for brewery tourism are Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City, and Portland, according to a ranking from T+L readers. Portland landed at nNo. 1 with over 80 local breweries—more than any other city in the world.

Those who love the great outdoors and a nice hoppy beverage don’t have to choose between the two. Vermont has a plethora of excellent breweries, and we’ve broken down a map of them here.

Beach Getaway

For U.S. residents living in cities and towns where the winter chill has already begun to arrive, sunny beach days are still only a short plane ride away. Whether to Bermuda, Miami, or the Caribbean, a few hours in the warm sun can have even the most hardened politico planning their retirement.

Take an Election Day Vacation (After You Vote, of Course) – Travel+Leisure

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