Facebook blocks insurer discount plan

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Facebook has blocked plans by an insurer to view young drivers’ profiles to help set car insurance premiums.

In a planned trial, insurer Admiral wanted new motorists’ permission to look at their posts and likes to judge their safety as a driver.

Were a young driver considered to be low-risk, a discount would be offered.

But on the day of the planned launch, Facebook said that Admiral would not be able to determine discounts on the basis of Facebook posts and likes.


Facebook will allow people to use their accounts to log in to the Admiral app, and for verification purposes, but will not allow the insurer to view users’ posts to work out discounts.

“Protecting the privacy of the people on Facebook is of utmost importance to us. We have clear guidelines that prevent information being obtained from Facebook from being used to make decisions about eligibility,” said a Facebook spokesman.

“Our understanding is that Admiral will then ask users who sign up to answer questions which will be used to assess their eligibility.”

The insurer said its app would now launch with “reduced functionality”.

Facebook blocks insurer discount plan

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