College football game picks: Alabama at LSU, Nebraska at Ohio State and more –

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Four days after the first College Football Playoff rankings were released, can LSU bring some shakeup to the top?

The No. 13 Tigers host No. 1 Alabama on Saturday night, and that game highlights our college football picks for this week. Will we all roll with the Crimson Tide, or is anyone thinking upset?

See picks for that game, as well as other big ones on the schedule like No. 10 Nebraska at No. 6 Ohio State and some interesting ones like Iowa at No. 12 Penn State.

Every week our Ohio State coverage team pairs up with readers to pick straight-up winners of the week’s most interesting college football games. Want to join in? Send Bill LandisAri Wasserman or Doug Lesmerises a note on Twitter and we’ll try to get you involved.

Before this week’s picks, here are the results from last week:

Doug Lesmerises: 11-4

Justin Golba (Team Bill): 11-4

Ari Wasserman: 9-6

Sean Boesch (Team Ari): 9-6

Randall Moss (Team Doug): 9-6

Bill Landis: 7-8

Team Ari remains in the lead, while Team Doug is making a move and Team Bill is collapsing. Here are the team standings to date:

Team Ari: 178-92

Team Bill: 168-102

Team Doug: 166-104

Readers vs. Us

In the battle between us and the readers, the readers picked up two games: 261-144

Readers: 251-154

Now this week’s pickers:

• Joining first-place Team Ari is his cousin, Kyle Wasserman, from Streetsboro, Ohio. He gets to pick this week because he points out typos to correct in the rare instances he comes across one. He’s on Twitter @KWass11.

• Joining Team Bill is Steve Waniewski from Fayetteville, Ark. (by way of Toledo). He’s on Twitter @SFWaniewski.

• Joining Team Doug is Brandon Edwards of Westerville, Ohio. He’s on Twitter @EdwardsOhio

And this week’s games:

No. 10 Nebraska at No. 6 Ohio State

Nebraska: Ari, Kyle 

Ohio State: Bill, Steve, Doug, Brandon

No. 8 Wisconsin at Northwestern

Wisconsin: Steve, Ari, Kyle, Doug, Brandon

Northwestern: Bill

Maryland at No. 3 Michigan

Michigan: Everyone

Iowa at No. 12 Penn State

Iowa: Steve, Ari, Brandon 

Penn State: Bill, Kyle, Doug

Michigan State at Illinois

Michigan State: Bill, Steve, Ari, Doug, Brandon 

Illinois: Kyle 

No. 1 Alabama at No. 13 LSU

Alabama: Ari, Kyle, Doug, Brandon 

LSU: Bill, Steve

No. 11 Florida at Arkansas

Florida: Bill, Ari, Kyle 

Arkansas: Steve, Doug, Brandon

TCU at No. 17 Baylor

TCU: Bill, Doug

Baylor: Steve, Ari, Kyle, Brandon 

No. 18 Oklahoma State at Kansas State

Oklahoma State: Everyone

Georgia Tech at No. 21 North Carolina

UNC: Everyone

No. 22 Florida State at North Carolina State

Florida State: Steve, Ari, Doug, Brandon 

NC State: Bill, Kyle 

Pitt at Miami (Fla.)

Pitt: Bill, Steve, Kyle, Doug

Miami (Fla.): Ari, Brandon 

Oregon at USC

Oregon: Steve

USC: Bill, Ari, Kyle, Doug, Brandon

Navy at Notre Dame

Navy: Bill, Kyle, Doug, Brandon

Notre Dame: Steve, Ari 

Air Force at Army

Air Force: Bill, Steve, Kyle 

Army: Ari, Doug, Brandon 

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