All I want for Christmas is an Xbox Onesie – The Verge

All I want for Christmas is an Xbox Onesie – The Verge

I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut. That cool white uniform and blasting off into space seems like way more fun than blasting around virtual galaxies in Destiny. Luckily, Microsoft has me covered. Microsoft’s Australian marketing team, who are presumably fueled by cans of Fosters, have created an Xbox Onesie. It looks like a […]

This could be the new PlayStation 4 Slim controller – The Verge

We’ve already got a good look at what appears to be the new, slimmer, PlayStation 4, in pictures and video yesterday posted yesterday to auction sites and Eurogamer. Now we’ve also got a chance to look at what could well be its controller, in a video uploaded to YouTube by tech blogger and developer ZRZ. The clip shows a […]

Seriously, don’t drop your Galaxy Note 7 – The Verge

There’s nothing worse than the seemingly frozen moment after you’ve dropped your phone and have to gingerly pick it up off the floor, as you stare grimly at the face-down device and wonder whether or not your screen survived the landing this time. That Schrödinger-esque moment is apparently going to be even more […]