Amazon Studios Chief Suspended After Sexual Harassment Claim – New York Times

In a statement, an Amazon spokesman said, “Roy Price is on a leave of absence effective immediately.” Albert Cheng, currently the chief operating officer of Amazon Studios, will assume Mr. Price’s duties on an interim basis, an Amazon spokesman said.

Ms. Hackett is a daughter of the late science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. “The Man in the High Castle” series, which was renewed for a third season in May, is based on one of his 44 published novels. Although Amazon does not release viewership numbers, the company said in 2015 that “The Man in the High Castle” was its most-streamed show.


Isa Dick Hackett in 2015.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Amazon Studios

Ms. Hackett is also a producer of “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams,” an anthology series that premiered in Britain last month and will be streamed by Amazon Video next year.

Allegations that Mr. Price had made unwanted sexual remarks to Ms. Hackett surfaced in August in an article by Ms. Masters that was published on the tech news website The Information.

That article included few specifics about Ms. Hackett’s claims, with Ms. Hackett providing a statement that she did not “wish to discuss the details of this troubling incident with Roy except to say Amazon investigated immediately and with an outside investigator.”

In The Hollywood Reporter article, Ms. Hackett said she had been inspired to come forward after the publication of articles in The Times and The New Yorker that detailed accusations of abuse from numerous women against the film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“I think women inspire each other,” Ms. Hackett said. “I feel inspired by the other women who have been far braver than I am, who have come forward. I hope we all continue to inspire each other and ultimately create change.”

Mr. Price has been with Amazon since 2004, and became the head of Amazon Studios three years ago. When The Information story was published, he was represented by Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who recently resigned as an adviser to Mr. Weinstein. Ms. Bloom has also represented women who brought sexual harassment claims against the actor Bill Cosby and the former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Ms. Bloom said in an email that her “representation of Roy Price has concluded.”

Earlier Thursday, Rose McGowan, an actress who reached a settlement with Mr. Weinstein in 1997 after an episode at a film festival, posted a series of tweets directed at Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, saying she had told the head of Amazon Studios that Mr. Weinstein had raped her. Ms. McGowan did not mention Mr. Price by name and did not respond to a message on Twitter asking for clarification.

Mr. Weinstein’s spokeswoman has said he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex “unequivocally.”

Last Friday, the day after The Times story on Mr. Weinstein was published, Ms. McGowan directed a Twitter message at Mr. Price saying, “remember when I told you not to do a deal with him and why?”

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Amazon Studios Chief Suspended After Sexual Harassment Claim – New York Times

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