13 things the US ‘does better’ than the UK – how many do you agree with? – Telegraph.co.uk

13 things the US does better than the UK (according to Reddit users)

1. Mexican restaurants

“Mexican food,” – LoloTheRogan.

2. Drive-thrus

“The first time I saw a drive-thru bank my British sensibilities convinced me that this Chase [bank] was a very special Chase.

“I’ve now been living here for two years and realise I was very wrong,” – Nantle.

3. Stealing actors

“We pay their actors way more moolah [money]. That’s why we have them over here acting in TV and movies with their fake American accents,” – pluribusduim.

4. Houses

“Wife is from England, we live in Utah. The main reason she’s fine living here is how much cheaper everything is, ESPECIALLY houses. $500,000 in our city would get you a dream house. The same amount converted to pounds gets a 3-bedroom terraced house built pre-WWII in her hometown.” – axlanian.

5. BBQs

“BBQ. Before I moved to the States, BBQ meant store bought burgers/sausages and chicken put on a small grill in the garden during summer. Usually with a load of salad and sides on a big family table inside.

“Then I visited the south and BBQ got real. I didn’t know it could taste that good.” – Pink_Flash.

6. Getting to space

“Space travel,” – fantomknight1.

7. Fast food

“Chicken wings, BBQ, pizza, cheese, coffee, but absolutely not tea,” – ChickenInASuit.

8. Beer

“I’m a lifelong British ale fan, but I think I might have been converted to American microbreweries,” – ChickenInASuit.

9. Loudness

“Speaking loudly,” – GuySimile.

10. Lengthy TV shows

“Making great TV shows that run for more than six episodes,” – PompeyMagnus1

11. Optimism

“I read/heard somewhere that the US is better at optimism, and I tend to agree,”-  ginoreynolds

12. Political campaigns

“Entertaining political campaigns, just. Brexit was entertaining, but the US presidential campaign is something else,” – Wilza30101.

13. Coffee

“Coffee. Have never had good coffee over there. Your tea is the best of course,” – degrassibabetjk.

13 things the US ‘does better’ than the UK – how many do you agree with? – Telegraph.co.uk

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